Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's been a long time ...

Been what? About twenty-one months since my last post here?

Alas, Philip Gold's The Coming Draft (see last post) still sits on my "to read" shelf. (Along with a few other titles pertinent to this blog's subject matter.)

Suffice to say that, between my lousy reading habits and just my life — especially in the last year or so (moving to Spokane right when the nation's bad economic news hit; looking for work; etc.) — I simply haven't posted anything here, and only very little over at Rabbit Trails.

Well, I hope to begin wading back into these anti-unjust-war waters once again. President Obama obviously isn't making any serious changes to the policy of the Bush administration re. our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and there have been some recent developments in the Ehren Watada and Pat Tillman stories that have been off the so-called "anti-war" lamestream media's radar that I'd like to touch on. (Tillman's involves another book ... sigh ... a very intriguing-sounding book. I suppose at the age of 48, I should start recovering ... er, developing? ... some basic reading habits, huh?)

Also, some of my recent comments and discussions at World Magazine's weblog have recalled to my mind "An Amendment for Peace," a 1936 proposal from another great American anti-war warrior, USMC Maj. Gen. Smedley D. Butler (1881-1940). While Butler's classic War is a Racket resides at several locations online, "An Amendment for Peace" is nowhere to be found. So I've transcribed it, and it shall be my next post here.

So it's back into the fray. I hope it bears some righteous fruit down the line.

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